Appalachian Trail Hikers

Hiker’s Frequently Asked Questions

Ready for your zero day? Rest, relax and recharge at Fontana Village Resort! Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by our adventurous AT guests.

What are the Thru-Hiker lodging rates?

We have a long history with our fearless AT Hikers and have a special rate just for this group of adventurers.

Special Thru-Hiker Rates for a Standard Lodge Room (as of Jan 1, 2023)*:

  • Sunday – Thursday $99/night
  • Friday & Saturday $109/night
    *Maximum of Up to 4 people in one room

Fontana Village maintains a campground on the shores of The Little Tennessee River at the bottom of the Dam, 2 miles from the main village. Amenities include a bathhouse with showers and bathrooms available to camping guests.

Special Hiker Rates for Campgrounds Tent Camping Sites (as of Jan 1, 2023)*:

    • Sunday – Thursday $15.00/night
    • Friday & Saturday $20.00/night

Shuttle services can be requested for $3/person per way. Shuttles are not guaranteed before 9am or after 5:00pm.  The Fontana Campgrounds is not the same as the nearest shelter, which is situated at the top of the dam.

*Special Thru-Hiker rates not valid for groups. Discounted rates cannot be combined.

How to get to Fontana Village from the AT? Shuttles and Phone Information

During peak season, Fontana Village Resort has daily shuttle service avialable for our Hiking community!

Shuttles run on a daily* schedule at 9:00am, 12:00pm and 5:00pm
Cost is $5/person per way

Pickup/Dropoff locations (OUTSIDE of the main village):

  • Fontana Dam Visitors Center
  • Fontana Shelter (hikers must wait in parking lot above the shelter)
  • Trail Crossing at Fontana Marina
  • Fontana Marina

Pickup/Dropoff locations (WITHIN the main village):

  • Fontana Main Lodge
  • Wildwood Grill
  • Fontana General Store
  • Pitstop Gas Station

Long Distance Shuttles: 
Need a long distance shuttle? A listing of local shuttle services can be provided by the front desk.

Long distance shuttles are provided by independent operators not affiliated with Fontana Village Resort. Lists provided by FVR are for informational purposes only and does not constitute preference or recommendation.   

*Daily shuttle service ends June 1, 2023

How to mail your re-supply package to Fontana Village

Fontana Village offers drop services for your re-supply packages. There is no charge for resort guests for this service. There is a $5.00 per person handling fee for non-guests.

Send packages to:  

Full Legal Name (ID must be presented in order to pick up your package. Please make sure that the name on the package and the ID match!)
C/O Fontana Village Resort
300 Woods Road
Fontana Dam, NC 28733

  • It is helpful for the Fontana Village Staff  if “Please hold for [Legal Name] – AT Hiker” is clearly added to the sides and front of the package.
  • Packages can be picked up 24/7 at the Front Desk at the Main Lodge at Fontana. No other departments  can provide package pickups.
  • We are unable to bounce UPS or Fed Ex packages, only USPS.

Fontana Village Resort is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages. If your item has taken longer to be delivered than you think necessary (or what your delivery service says it will take), you will need to call that company directly.  

Hungry? We can help with that!

We know that meals are oh-so important on zero days. View our dinning page for restaurant hours and to view menus. Open times and menus do change seasonally. The dinning page will have the most up-to-date information.

Hikers who arrive with packs may be asked to leave their equipment in designated areas to keep pathways clear for the safety of all diners.

Where can re-supply items be found to purchase?

Re-supply items can be found at several locations.

  • Fontana Marina
  • Pitstop Gas Station
  • Fontana General Store
  • Main Lodge Lobby Store (Supplies may be more limited than other outlets.)

Enough resupply to get you all the way through the Smokies!

Food Items that can be found in our stores include: Freeze-dried meals (breakfast and lunch/dinner,)  tuna/chicken/salmon packets, dried meats, cheeses, instant coffee, electrolyte and drink mixes, protein and granola bars, instant noodles & potatoes + much, much more!

Our stores have more than just food! We also have camping and backpacking supplies, repair kits, and gear, campfire cooking needs, first-aid & medicine as well as paper products, lighters, phone cables, and other essentials. 

Are there Hiker boxes at Fontana Village?

“Take what you need, leave what you don’t”

There are 2 Hiker boxes located within Fontana Village Resort. Both boxes can be accessed 24/7.

Location #1: Closet in the Lower Lobby of the Main Lodge at Fontana Village

Location #2: Fontana Dam, NC United States Post Office (next to the Fontana General Store)

Getting clothing clean at the Village

Fontana Village Resort has an onsite, coin-operated laundromat! Located next to the General Store, daily operating hours are 9am -9pm. The laundromat is open to the public.

Laundry Machine Costs: 
Starting at $2.50 Wash & $2.50 Dry
*Only quarters are accepted. Paper bills can be exchanged for quarters at the General Store, Pitstop or the Front Desk at the Main Lodge.

Laundry Supplies: 
Detergent Pods can be purchased from the General Store, Pitstop or the Front Desk at the Main Lodge.
Cost for each Pod is $.50

ATM Locations: 
There are 2 ATMs within Fontana Village.
Pitstop Gas Station
Main Lodge Lobby Store

GSMNP Permits

Apply and print your GSMNP permit while at Fontana Village! 

  • Free wifi in order to apply for the permit
  • Computer/Business Station in the Main Lodge lobby can be used to apply for the permits. 
  • Free to print at Fontana Village Main Lodge
    • Email completed permit to and request the staff print it for you or
    • Log into the wifi and staff can show you which printer to connect to. Print and ask staff to grab it off the printer

GSMNP Backcountry Permit Link

What is the closest shelter?

Nicknamed the “Fontana Hilton”, this shelter is located between Fontana Dam Visitors Center and Fontana Marina (around mile 165 on the trail if you are coming from Springer Mountain).

Amenities of the Fontana Hilton Shelter: 

  • Solar charging station for phones
  • Multiple places to get drinking water
  • Firepit & Picnic Tables
  • Showers and Restrooms
  • Some with Verizon Wireless can get cell phone service around the shelter or in the parking lot above
  • Fontana Village Shuttle can pickup/dropoff in the parking lot above the shelter

Hiker Passport Stamps

Don’t forget to have your Hiker passport stamped before you continue along your way! Passport stamps can be found at the Fontana Marina, Pitstop and at the Front Desk at Main Lodge.

Sign the 2023 Hiker Banner at the Marina!

Started in 2022 and now continuing into 2023, make sure to sign the Hiker Banner at the Fontana Marina!

Take a picture with your signature and Tag + Share this on our social! We want to see those smiling AT faces!
Facebook @fontanavillage
Instagram #fontanavillage

Is there parking for section Hikers?

There are several lots that section hikers are able to use at no cost!

Make sure to let the front desk staff know that your car will be needing extended parking time so that you can recieve a “Long Term Parking Slip” to be displayed in your front window.

1 – 2 Days / Fontana Village Resort Parking
For those who stayed as a guest of Fontana Village Resort and need an additional day or two of parking for a section hike, you are welcome to use the Fontana Village Main Lodge.

2+ Days / Fontana Village Resort Parking
If you are needing longer than 2 nights and had stayed as a guest of Fontana Village Resort, you are welcome to use the parking lot at the administration building or the Backcountry lot at Fontana Marina.

Additional Parking:
For those who aren’t planning on staying as a guest at Fontana Village Resort, there is overnight parking at the Fontana Hilton Shelter and the Fontana Dam Visitors Center. Please note, these lots are not maintained or patrolled by the Resort. Fontana Village Resort is not responsible for any theft or damage to vehicles.

There is NO overnight parking allowed at any other location within the Resort property that is not as listed above. Cars left overnight at The Wildwood Grill, Fontana General Store area (including side lot), Pitstop Gas Station and other unapproved locations may be towed at vehicle owner’s expense.
Cars that fail to display a “Long Term Parking Slip” (obtained by visiting the Front Desk) may also be subject to towing at owner’s expense.